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Why Choose us?

Learning Nest is an exclusive, high-quality, Pre-Kindergarten prep program that focuses on learning through exploration and play. We have many outlets in which will help foster your child's learning in and out of the classroom. Through this, we are fully preparing them for Kindergarten. 


We utilize The Creative Curriculum at Learning Nest. The Creative Curriculum environment supports the development of self-regulation skills and the child's ability to function positivelyWe plan developmentally appropriate activities that are structured toward the individual child in five different domains.​


Learning Nest is a small group Pre-Kindergarten Academy that provides children ages 4 and 5 with a quality education in a safe environment. We offer exclusive care to pre- kindergartners in a setting with a rare ratio of 1 teacher to every 5 students.  


At Learning Nest, we recognize the value in cultural immersion, community and, the arts. With this, we incorporate private Spanish and Music segments into our weekly schedule. The students will also participate in gardening activities that teach them the value of  healthy eating and responsibility.


Five domains that guide our daily activity plans:


  • Physical Development & Motor Skills 

  • Social & Emotional Development 

  • Approaches to Play & Learning 

  • Communication, Language & Literacy

  • Cognitive Development


We have limited slots for enrollment in order to keep our classroom setting small. This small classroom setting helps us to maintain individual relationships with each of our students. It also aids in a more engaging and cohesive classroom culture. Through building relationships, we are able to learn and meet each child's personal and academic needs.


We believe these enrichments are imperative for our students as they are growing in such a dynamic society. Spanish, Music, and Gardening are exclusive enrichments that you will only find in a setting like Learning Nest.

Beyond The Classroom

Community Projects 

Learning Nest is proud to have community and acts of service embedded into our school culture. We are really looking for families who have a passion for bettering their community. We want to give real opportunity for families and students to be able to give back in different ways. Throughout the year, we will be hosting/participating in a few fundraisers/events where our Learning Nest family will be able to support and encourage others who need it the most. 

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