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Here you will find some of our latest efforts in supporting the community. We encourage our families to help Learning Nest maintain our vision by teaching students the importance of philanthropy. 

Not a part of our program but, still want to help us give back? Email us at for more information on participating in our next project. 

food for thought-     Nov. 2021

We are excited to be giving back this holiday season with Food For Thought Charities. This season they are focused on providing Christmas gifts/Clothing to children whose mothers are in recovery. Click Here to see the list of items needed. We appreciate your support! 

Food For Thought.

Pryor to Success-     July. 2022

Pryor To Success is a mentorship program created for young ladies to bridge the gap, provide resources, and support them on the journey Pryor To Success! We will be donating school supplies and volunteering at their summer launch event, Launch To Success.  Click Here to see the list of items needed. We appreciate your support! 

Pryor To Success Logo.

Just One Africa-     Nov. 2022

Learning Nest started this fundraising campaign to help Just One Africa provide clean water to people in Kenya who do not have access to clean water. There are over 44 million people living in Kenya, of which almost 18 million (43 percent) do not have access to clean water. This is a true water crisis.In the spirit of the holidays we want to be apart of such a great cause and provide these Kenyan Families with fresh water. We hope that you can help us reach this goal and share the love this holiday season! Click Here to donate!

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