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Pre-Kindergarten  Tutoring 

2022-23 Learning Nest is offering private, learning sessions to help your child get ahead this year! We recognize the desire of parents who want their child to excel academically and be throughly prepared for the next grade level. We also see the potential for 4 year olds in large classroom settings (15-25 students) to be overlooked and lack the exclusive attention they may need in order to be successful. 

Our Lead Teacher, Ms. Whitney, will be offering small group sessions that will help your child stay ahead of the game this school year. Learn more about Whitney here. We use the same model of teaching outlined in our curriculm page. 

Your child's session will consist of fun, engaging, and challenging activities/lessons that will ultimately have them prepared at the start of Kindergarten. Hear what parents have to say about the benefits of individual and small group learning with Learning Nest here

Who do we serve?

We are exclusively offering tutoring services to pre-k age students that are 3, 4, and 5 year-olds. We offer house call sessions within a 15 Mile Radius of Alpharetta, GA.  


What Do sessions consist of?

Each enrolled student will have an initial one-on-one session to assess where they stand academically and identify their needs and goals. Each session from there on out, will consist of fun learning activities to help them exceed standards in the following domains: Fine Motor Skills, Social & Emotional Development, Approaches to Play and Learning, Communication, Language and Literacy, and Cognitive Development. 

Our students leave this program knowing end of the year Kindergarten Standards. This attest to our attention on important curriculum that can sometimes get overlooked in large Pre-K classrooms.


1-on-1 House calls

Let our teacher come to you! Email us for our availability on house call slots and rates. You can do this by emailing OR by clicking the sign up button.

Our sessions will last approximately 1 hour. We just require a quiet space for the student to have an uninterrupted hour of instruction.  Materials will be provided and lessons are individualized. There will be a non-refundable $15 registration fee that covers initial paperwork, your child's file, and supplies.



session info

Tutoring sessions are 1 hr duration. Right now, we are offering two sessions a week. 


Our courses follow the 4 nine-week model that most schools do. When enrolling your child, note that you are enrolling in a 9 week course (18 sessions total) with the option to renew for another 9 weeks and so on. 

We will reach out to you to collect more information and discuss next steps. 


What's included?

Upon completion of all paperwork and submitted registration fee, your child will have a file created that will help us keep track of their progress. During our sessions, your child won't need to bring anything. Learning Nest will provide all materials and supplies. 

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