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About Us

Learning Nest Pre-k Academy.

Our Mission 

Our focus is to allow children to develop, grow, and socialize in a safe play-based learning environment that meets the unique needs of each individual child and their families. 

Our Vision

To be an established leader in providing the highest quality care and education to Pre- Kindergarten students. We pride ourselves on family and community relationships while in real time, giving our students and families opportunities to act in service. 

Our Core Values  


We believe that every child deserves the highest level of quality education



We strive to build trust and relationships between all families and teachers in order to maintain our "big family" culture


Our teachers have and teach our students to have compassion and to accept others from different walks of life 


We value and appreciate all of our family's needs and strive to serve them in any way possible. Similarly, we teach our students to value the needs of their community and aim to be a part

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